Laser Tech's toner cartridge prices can save up to 60% when compared with OEM toner cartridges. We guaranteed our toner cartridges 100% for reliability and excellent print quality.
Our commitment to excellence in printer repair service and quality cartridge re-manufacturing has earned us hundreds of loyal customers.

Why Purchase Remanufactured Toner Cartridges from
Laser Tech Services?

Why should I switch from OEM to remanufactured cartridges?
Beside the obvious environmental benefits of recycling, there is a tremendous cost savings. In addition, one of the most critical parts of a cartridge is the OPC drum. Quality remanufacturers replace the OPC drum in all cartridges with a new after market drum. New after market drums are made specifically for remanufacturers, to have a harder and more durable surface than the OEM. The advantage is consistent sharp, clearer output.

How do I know I am getting the same amount of toner and printed pages as before?
Toner type and quantity (in grams) is dependent upon printer / cartridge model. Remanufacturers use precise toner dispensing systems. A remanufactured cartridge will yield the same as an OEM cartridge at industry standard 5% page coverage (standard business letter). Peak performance can be achieved by adjusting the density setting or resolution on your printer.

What happens if I experience a print quality issue?
If there is ever a problem with a Laser Tech Services toner cartridge, we will replace it immediately. This doesn't happen very often with our cartridges due to the process we use and the testing we conduct prior to delivery.

Does using remanufactured cartridges put your laser printers at risk?
It can cause problems for your printer if the remanufacturer is not using quality product and methodology. We stand behind all of our cartridges at Laser Tech Services because our cartridges are made by an expert in the industry who has years of experience remanufacturing toner cartridges and repairing laser printers.

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